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Domestic and Commercial Vinyl Flooring Brisbane

Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Planking and Loose Lay Vinyl flooring is now available in many forms, wear layers, colours and qualities. At our showroom we have a vast variety to pick from and are on hand to give advice on which product is best for you. Vinyl has always been a popular product in the commercial sector hence why we have so many commercial Vinyls in store, however manufacturing developments have seen this products popularity grow in the residential sector giving a commercial durable floor to a domestic market.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring Brisbane

A very cost effective resilient solution for large areas. Normally very easy to clean and available in multitudes of colours, wear layers and patterns you can achieve a great look on a limited budget. Applications of Sheet Vinyl can range from commercial hard wearing to basic domestic areas such as small bathrooms. Whatever the format there will be a Sheet Vinyl on the market for you. Things to consider are wear layer, pattern repeat, backing and width of roll. Another big factor with Sheet Vinyl is the quality of floor preparation and installation technique. At Project Floors and Design we are on hand to give advice on preparation during the quotation process and will only use experienced trained installers to complete the work for you. Remember a good Vinyl is only as good as it’s laid.

Vinyl Planking Brisbane

Vinyl Planking comes in all kinds of sizes and combinations. Whether you’re aiming to achieve a wood floor look, tiled or a mixture of the two Vinyl Planking offers a wide variety of options. Again like Sheet Vinyl the floor preparation and installation techniques have a big effect on the finish, however with no width to consider Vinyl Planking is better adapted to certain areas. Opinions differ on the two with some experienced flooring experts preferring planks and others preferring sheet, it’s more about your application. Considerations should be made based on wear layers, patterns, cost and how the two planks join up when installed.

Loose Lay Vinyl Brisbane

Loose lay flooring is quick and easy to install giving enhanced acoustic properties and some excellent feeling results. Although very similar to Vinyl Planking the Loose Lay products are thicker and said to be easier to install for less trained Floor Engineers. Again with so many colours, textures and styles available its best to select the product that works for you. Many manufacturers state that Loose Lay flooring does not require any adhesive, however please speak to over experienced team as in certain size applications this may not be the case.

At our Project Floors and Design showroom we have a wide choice of Vinyl products for you. Please call the team or visit our showroom for further help and advice.

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