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As a family business we are trusted and recommended as one of the best Carpet Retailers Brisbane has to offer. 

With one of the widest ranges of carpets from renowned suppliers available, our trained and experienced staff are on hand to assist in making the right choice for you.

Our domestic and commercial ranges start from entry level hard wearing project builder and investment property solutions through to the high end wools, textured, solution dyed nylons and the latest eco technology carpets. With such a big range its best to liaise with one of our team of experts to find the best carpet solution for your needs according to your affordability.

"What types of carpet finishes are there?"

Loop Pile – Loop piles can come in level loop a continuous look and feel or multiple loop piles to give a different look.  A short loop carpet is very suited to high traffic areas with easy maintenance and excellent wear efficiency. Loop piles are excellent for wear and suit if you are not a fan of tracking (footprints, vacuum lines etc…).

Cut Pile – Put simply a cut pile is a loop pile cut, giving a more luxurious and elegant feel.  This is the most popular choice of carpet achieving various designs and looks to suit multiple requirements.

Cut and Loop piles – This is a combination of the two cuts allowing more pattern variants. With increasing popularity as people use their floors as decoration with plainer more contemporary walls and fixtures.

There are many types of loop, cut and cut loop carpets on the market so to make life easier we display a large range of options for you to select from.  

"What are the different types of carpet?"

Polypropylene – This is a synthetic material mainly used in rental properties or for people on a tight budget due to its durability and low price. Although a rougher feel than other materials these can achieve a great look and provide an easy to maintain floor especially in loop pile form.

Nylon and Solution Dyed Nylon – A man made product which is very durable and tough. With high end nylons giving a very similar look and feel to more expensive wool options. Recently solution dyed nylons have been more affordable to the residential market and are certainly the most popular choice. With a solution dyed nylon rather than adding the colour after via a bath or dying process the fibres are coloured during production meaning the colour is protected when cleaning or from sunlight. This is a very stain resistant product.

Polyester – Another man made synthetic product which had a cheap name for years but with recent improvements in manufacturing is now seen as a better product. Polyester can give a fantastic feel and look to a room at a more affordable price, being normally less expensive than nylon. This product is very good value for people with a certain criteria.

Eco plus and environmentally friendly products – With increasing popularity the marketplace has seen a big increase in the availability of ECO friendly products. At Project Floors and Design we embrace this. Eco products can be made from recycled materials such as fizzy drink bottles and advancements in manufacturing achieve simply amazing results. If you have not seen or felt one of these products you need to visit our showroom now. With a fantastic array of colours and weights with excellent guarantees and stain proofing these will certainly become a market leading choice.

Wool – Quite simply people say you can’t beat the feel of a good wool. A natural product which gives a luxurious and warm feel. Wool is excellent at maintaining its appearance and continues to give a great feel for the life of the product. With pricing an issue for most people though wool blends have increased in popularity such as 80% wool 20% nylon products to give a very similar result at a more affordable price.

Blends – As mentioned previously sometimes materials are blended together. This produces a carpet which will have the benefits of multiple products giving better feel, durability and affordability.

"What carpet is best for me?"

With so many available if you are struggling call or come and see the team for guidance.

Our carpet service covers measuring and plans, cutting and full installation by installers meeting Australian standards. Saving you time and money.

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